Jaide’s Story

Jaide is 10 1/2 years (birthday in July). She didn’t like the passive hand when she was crawling (kept hitting herself in the head) and as a toddler. Jaide was very active and they decided not to use it because it was a distraction to her.

When Jaide was a little older and in school she did try the hook for a while; then last November Jaide happily got her myoelectric prosthesis and is very pleased with it. Carrie Davis (Hanger) did go to help her with any questions or needs and Jaide had her ‘how-to list’ waiting for Carrie, which included how to do the ‘nails’ and how to ‘blow dry her hair’ among other things. Jaide is now happily busy using both hands . . . which includes cooking and baking cream puffs with filling and continuing to play sports (with 2 hands now). Jaide says her prosthesis gives her a lot more confidence and she loves looking like everyone else.

Jaide and her mother were absolutely delightful speakers and everyone was totally enthralled with them. Actually, the audience gave them a standing ovation, which I have never seen at our Founders’ Day Celebration. Denise and Jaide were also very pleased to meet Yolanda and hear her stories. They said they had a rewarding and wonderful experience with us. (The feeling was truly mutual!)

One of our members, Kay Lohmiller, who won a basket with money and cashmere scarves, gave Jaide $50 to spend and some of the scarves. I flew Jaide and Denise in early so they had all day Saturday to explore San Francisco, and then they went to Muir Woods to see the Redwoods on Monday before they flew home Monday evening.

Kristie and Carrie (from Hanger team) found Jaide and Denise for me and deserve ‘all of the credit’.


Picture-009 Picture-010
Jaide drawing the winning ticket, with Pat Dowd, Cupertino IW Co-President. San Leandro IW members – Joanne Cornelius, Pat Duey, Sandy Aragon, Jeanetta Arenott, Linda Mahadevan, Isobel Polvorosa, President, & Lola Chase, IWUSA Past President.
Sitting – Jaide and Denise
Picture-001 Picture-002
Denise (mother), Jaide (recipient) Denise, Jaide,
Yolanda Gonzalez, IWUSA Vice President
Picture-007 Picture-016
Jaide showing off her ‘nail tips’ (matched her dress) that Carrie Davis showed her how to do. Saratoga IW members – Janice LeFevre, Theresa Catalano, Diane Stoiber, Patricia Kelker, Joyce Del Carlo, President.
Yolanda Gonzalez, IWUSA Vice Pres., Karen Cassel, (Past IWUSA Foundation member)
Sitting – Jaide & Denise