Question: What is Inner Wheel?

Answer: It is a Club open to women related to a Rotarian, former Rotarian, an Inner Wheel member or former Inner Wheel member or simply women who have been invited to join. . It was originally started for the purpose of getting to know each other and to get together for friendship, service and understanding. Each club supports their Rotary Club in its activities and social events. Inner Wheel has a worldwide affiliation.

Question: What are the Aims and Objectives of Inner Wheel?


  1. To promote true friendship.
  2. To encourage the ideals of personal service.
  3. To foster International understanding.

Question: How do I join Inner Wheel?

Answer: If you meet the eligibility requirements for membership, you are encouraged to apply for admission to an Inner Wheel Club in your area. If you are unsure of where a Club is, contact the Inner Wheel USA Secretary (see Officer section)

Question: What is the scope of Inner Wheel?

Answer: There are Inner Wheel Clubs in 100 countries throughout the world. A member of one club is always welcome as a visitor in another club.

Question: How is a club organized?

Answer: Clubs are formed when 10 members sign a charter for organization. If a sufficient number of clubs are in an area, they may organize into a District headed by a Chairman and Executive committee which oversee the work of Inner Wheel.

Led by an elected President and officers, clubs schedule their own meetings and social and charitable activities. There is no attendance rule.

Each club maintains close ties with its corresponding Rotary Club, offering support when invited to do so.

Districts may form a National Association.

Question: What are the Meetings and Activities of each club like?

Answer: Each club is different. Some are more inclined to do fund raising, and others prefer to have more social events. It is up to each club to decide how they want to run their club.

Question: Is management all at the International level?

Answer: Inner Wheel is an international organization. While Inner Wheel USA follows the constitution of International Inner Wheel, it has its own Bylaws. All clubs and districts follow the Bylaws of Inner Wheel USA.  Changes in Bylaws can only be done at the National Conference Business Meeting. Changes must be passed by 2/3 vote of those members in

Question: Where can I get the Inner Wheel logo or IWUSA Foundation Logo for doing flyers and other publications?

Answer: On our Downloads page.