Red Rose

The Red Rose of Friendship means that…

If you are:

a) Women related to a Rotarian or former Rotarian,

b) Women related to an Inner Wheel member or former Inner Wheel member,

c) Women who have been invited to join – provided that a majority of the Club members agree.

Any Inner Wheel Club will welcome you for membership.

Inner Wheel clubs concentrate on friendship and the sharing of personal service and international understanding throughout the world.

While each club chooses its own charities and areas of service, they are each encouraged to share ideas and inspirations with one another through correspondence, newsletters and visits.

Service is involvement and concern for children, health, welfare and other community projects, in addition to assisting Rotary clubs. It is also international assistance where members see a need.


International Inner Wheel links together approximately 104 geographical locations with approximately 100,000 members worldwide. Clubs exist in Europe, Africa, India, the Philippines, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, the United States of America, Canada and Baltic’s led by an elected International Inner Wheel Executive Committee and sixteen Board Directors. International Inner Wheel has UN representation as well.


To extend the Red Rose of Friendship to more women, new categories of membership have been developed allowing nearly all women in a Rotarian’s and Inner Wheel’s family the opportunity to join International Inner Wheel.