Inner Wheel USA Foundation

Christine Becker, IWUSA Chairman, handing Steve Mandacina from Hanger, the check for $50,000 on July 5, in San Antonio, TX. Steve’s comment, “Look at all the great things this can do for children.”

Inner Wheel USA Foundation

The Inner Wheel USA Foundation was incorporated in the state of Louisiana in 1988 as a method of funding charitable projects on behalf of Inner Wheel USA membership.

Over the years, we have built a substantial endowment for the Children’s Myoelectric Limb Project. Working exclusively with the Hanger Clinic, the IWUSA Foundation provides upper body myoelectric limbs to children under the age of 18 years with limb loss through trauma, disease, or genetics. The limbs provided may be new technology such as the Hero Arm or traditional limbs depending on the needs and growth of the child. Through working with the over 800 Hanger Clinics the Myoelectric Limb Project is “Turning Possibilities into Realities”.

Camp No Limits has become an integral part of our relationship with Hanger. Camp No Limits Foundation is a non-profit organization providing camps for children with limb loss and differences. Founded in 2004 by Mary Leighton, Camp No Limits aims to provide education, mentorship, and support to these children and their families fostering a welcoming and supportive community in the hopes of helping all those who attend the camp. The Camp stresses the importance of physical and occupational therapy, adaptations, prosthetic options, and peer support to assist the children and families.

The IWUSA Foundation is a Gold Sponsor of Camp No Limits. Hanger Foundation is a Platinum Sponsor. We are so pleased to be a partner with Camp No Limits and to support their great work.
For further information regarding Hanger Clinic and Camp No Limits see:

The Inner Wheel USA Foundation, Inc., provides myoelectric prosthesis to children born without or lost an arm or hand through disease or accident.  The clinics work with the Foundation to also provide for recycling and distribution of myoelectric limbs.

The Inner Wheel USA Foundation, Inc. was incorporated in the United States in August 1988. Its overall mission, adopted in 1997, is to further understanding among all people through tangible and effective programs of a philanthropic, charitable, or educational nature.

The children’s Myoelectric Limb Project provides an avenue for children whose insurance or family circumstances do not allow them to benefit from the latest updated technology. Turning “disabilities into possibilities” is not a dream but a reality of the Inner Wheel U.S.A. Foundation.

Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics, Inc. with over 600 clinics nationwide works with the Inner Wheel USA Foundation, Inc. by bringing new technology to those in need.

The Foundation receives support from professionals in the field of myoelectric prostheses for children. These professionals offer knowledge and encouragement. You can help enable limb deficient children grow and participate in many two-handed activities of this world.  Help us “Give a Child a Hand” with a generous donation.

The Foundation

The Inner Wheel USA Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 tax exempt organization under the IRS code. Contributions are welcomed from individuals, Inner Wheel Clubs and Districts, as well as from sources outside the organization. All charitable contributions are tax deductible. Certificates and letters of acknowledgement will be issued upon receipt of Contributions.

Recognition levels include the following:

Foundation Friend $100 – $999
Rose Council Pin
Rose Council $1,000 – $1,999
Jeweled Rose $2,000 – $4,999
Sapphire (Jewel) $5,000 – $9,999
Ruby (Jewel) $10,000 – $24,999
Emerald(Jewel) $25,000 and above

Sustaining Contributor

A sustaining contributor is any individual, group or business who donated, or in who’s name a gift is made, at a minimum of $100.00 with the commitment to accrue a total of $1,000.00 within a ten-year period. Sustaining contributors are eligible for the Rose Council when this total is achieved.


Benefactor recognition is given to anyone who informs the Inner Wheel Foundation in writing that he or she has made provisions in a will or other final estate plan for a contribution benefiting the Children’s Myoelectric Limb Project. Contributions are recognized by the addition of gold leaves to the Rose Council pin.


What is planned giving?

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